April 18, 2014

Top 5 Must haves in my Purse

For this first post I wanted to show you what the 5 essentials are in my purse aside from my wallet and my phone. I think everyone puts those at position one and two so it would be no fun to count those this time.
With essentials/must haves, I am talking about the things that I personally carry with me everywhere I go. These may vary from your top 5, so feel free to share these with me in the comments and who know's, maybe I find some new products that will become a staple in my bag as well.

The following product are in random order. I don't have a number one product, they are all equally important to me. I hope you enjoy reading my first post.  ^^

My trusty nail file
This nail file I found in a random drugstore many many years ago. As you can see it is foldable and the tip of the black part has been made round and blunt if you will, to prevent the pointy end of the nail file to do any damage to your purse or pockets. I know there are plenty of nail files with rounded ends but I personally NEED one with a pointy end for the odd reason that I don't like it when there is moisture under my fingernails after I have washed my hands (weird, I know). I use the pointy end to remove the moisture and it works perfectly for that. If any of you feel the same way, please tell me in the comments so I will feel less like a fool for doing this. The pointy end is also useful for removing dirt from underneath your fingernails of course. Lastly, what would a girl do without a nail file when her nails get's chipped. To conclude this little friend has saved me many times over.

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmin
Next up is the best lip balm/butter I have ever tried so far. This Korres Lip Butter is so creamy, soft, hydrating and long lasting. The first night I put it on before bedtime, I woke up the following morning to find it was still hydrating my lips! So naturally it landed in my purse to live there until the end of it's days.
If I have a no-makeup-day and I need a quick pick-me-up to feel pretty in unexpected circumstances I always grab this product. It doesn't just make my lips look and feel lump and soft but also provides a light peachy color to my lips and a subtle sheen as well which transforms my face more that any mascara can.

Foldable hand brush, and mirror
This "brush" serves two purposes, and yes they are the obvious one. Never was taking a hairbrush on the go as easy as when they invented these little foldable things. I use it daily if not for the brush, than for applying my Lip Butter with the handy mirror it comes with. The times when I appreciate this brush the most is when I have and early morning at work and I have not even looked in the mirror before I left my home (yes, I do that). When I arrive at work (I have made sure to get there fifteen minutes early), I take my mascara, kohl pencil and concealer and do my whole makeup in this little mirror. When I do this I am not trying to look glamorous or my very best version of myself. I just want to look awake and not scare my customers. Any extras like lipstick or blush can still be applied after 10am when I feel more like myself.

Vaseline  hand + stronger nails hand cream
The main issue with any cream for me is that it doesn't absorb quick enough. My boyfriend is the same way so I assume there are others who have this problem too. Well cry no longer over greasy feeling hands (or dry crusty hands because you refuse to moisturise them, even if it is January and -5 C outside) this hand cream is AWH-some. It moistures instantly, it absorbs instantly, it strengthens my nails so much over time. I am in love (there, I said it!). At work I handle many many cardboard boxes and if you didn't know already, they dry your hands out so badly, so this hand cream stays in my bag at all time, this way I always bring it to work with me to save me from dry hands at the end of the day.

Catrice Camouflage Cream in the shade 010 Ivory
Lastly I carry this concealer with me for "dark circle disasters" and "pimple panics" on the go. Again this product is mostly used in the early mornings when I arrive at work looking like Wednesday from the Addams family. But there where other times when this little jar saved me, like when a surprise pimple looked at me from the dressing room mirror at a department store. This concealer is not the best I've tried when it comes to full cover concealers (NYX full coverage in a jar, takes the cake every time). It feels a little bit drying to the touch but worked into the skin with the warmth of your fingers gives a pretty decent result.

These are the top 5 products in my purse. By the way for people wondering, my purse is by Mexx in black but I could not for the life of me find the model name. This is the link to the same bag http://www.zalando.nl/mexx-handtas-zwart-me451a05c-q00.html on the bottom of that page you can find the links to other countries if you do not live in the Netherlands.
Thank you for reading and I would love to read your purse essentials in the comments.


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