January 26, 2015

I'm Crocheting a Market Bag!

I scoured the internet for blogs and pins related to crochet and learning all the basics. I found tricks on how to hold a hook properly, how to finish up projects and how to read crochet patterns. When I find something that captures my heart and mind, I am like a dog with a bone and do not let go!
My stitches have been more evenly lately and the tension of my yarn is becoming less and less of a problem. When I crochet I completely relax and the rhythmic motion of the single crochet almost feels like the sea rocking me to sleep. This progress has made me look for projects that are a little bit bigger in size.

January 25, 2015

I'm CRAZY for Crochet!

A few weeks ago, right around the new year, I found myself looking more and more at crochet projects on Pinterest. Before this year I have, besides a meager attempt in kindergarten, never learned how to crochet in fear of it being too hard. Knitting, no problem! Embroidery, bring it on! But that crochet hook always stayed in the drawer. I was sure it would get caught on the loop too many times, that and other problems which I would conjure up in my mind.
Well not this year, not 2015! With all the excitement that new years resolutions bring, I started on a trial patch with a few stitches that I needed to know in order to make a beanie (I know, this sounds too much for a novice but let me continue). The beanie never saw the light of day, but the trial patch did help me in learning the first basic stitches and so started me on my path of learning crochet.