November 11, 2015

Moving out! Finally...

Eons ago I promised an update on my market bag. Well it is finished and in use (I keep all my yarn in it). However a post will have to wait since I want to write about something much bigger in my life.

My boyfriend and I, who have been together for 7,5 years now, are finally moving in together!
My heart is singing I'm so happy! "Why the long wait?" you might wonder. Well, although I have been working for roughly 6 years now, my boyfriend was still in university completing his Masters in Applied Mathematics. This was a long journey. At last in September of 2014 he graduated. I am so proud of him for reaching this milestone in his life.

The next step would be getting a job and moving out of our parents houses and into a house of our own somewhere in the Netherlands. Thinking this would happen relatively fast was a mistake on our part because we soon came to realize that the job market was (to put it mildly) less than desirable.
It has been more than a year now and a few months back things started to turn around. More companies expressed interest and as a result he got more invitations to go on interviews. Two weeks ago a company put their faith in him and offered him a trainee position. This is amazing, I know! But wait there is more. Another company, which he had reached out to right after his graduation, also contacted him and told him about an opening he might find interesting. This company had been one of his first choices and right now he is on a second interview with them to talk about job specifics. So it might just turn out that he gets to choose which company he likes better. Amazing!
But regardless of which one he will choose (if there will even be a choice), we are moving out as soon as possible. We just don't know where to at the moment.

My mind is about to explode with joy and pride and anxiety! I am 28 now and this move has been a long time coming, but now that it's here I feel like I am so unprepared. I know I can do this (being a full blown adult) but my gut and my mom are making me question every thought I have about what I think my new life will be like. This is why I want to blog about this. Just to get these things in writing and also to share my ideas and experiences on this journey.

More to come...



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